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ER 6.5-26x56 LRS Riflescope with Reticle 4a and BDC

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Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS Riflescope with Reticle 4a and BDC


Manufacturer Code: 56080
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£1,606.50 RRP £1,785.00
£1,338.75 ex VAT

Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS with reticle 4a without illuminated dot (ER) and bullet drop compensator.

Designed specifically for long range shooting, the new ER 6.5–26 x 56 LRS gives you exceptionally high levels of magnification, light transmission and contrast.

In particular, minimal colour-fringing ensures that images seen through the scope are of the best optical quality, even at distance.

Thanks to its finely tuned elevation tracking, users can achieve absolute precision when sighting in and setting the planned point of impact.

What’s more, the ER 6.5–26 x 56 LRS has a large eye relief, making it safer for use with calibres required for longer-range shots.


Sturdy engineering guarantees extreme dependability.

With their compact, rugged aluminium body and robust mechanical construction, the riflescopes in the Leica ER i series are safe and dependable companions in the field.


For every kind of rifle.

The short eyepiece and the long tube provide plenty of latitude for precise mounting on every kind of rifle. A long eye relief of 10 cm makes them ideal for use with larger calibres.


Ease of use and reliable focusing.


The reticles of the Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS have been specially designed for long-distance shots. The reticles are uniquely fine and are located in the second focal plane. The standard rapid reticle adjustment (BDC) allows extremely precise adjustment, as one click is equivalent to 5 mm at 100 meters. The Leica ER 6.5-26x56 LRS shows very little target aberration when the magnification is changed.

All Leica reticle designs have been developed and tested by fieldsportsmen and are located in the second focal plane. An exceptionally long eye relief of 10 cm ensures your comfort.

Leica reticle 4a LRS without illuminated dot (ER)

Crosshair thickness: 0.2in/5mm.

Application: Classic 4a reticle with reduced crosshair thickness for optimal target detectability at long distances.

BDC – Bullet drop compensator.

The BDC lets you adjust the reticle to various shooting distances. Using the calibrations, the reticle can be set so that the exact impact point is guaranteed on the target. Elevation and lateral adjustment can also be corrected for. The BDC is easy to use and functions with absolute precision in all weather conditions.

A new ballistics programme for BDC is available for download, guaranteeing precise shooting every time.

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